Frequently Asked Question
What is Lalintas?
Lalintas is the first Safety Campaign Agency in Indonesia.
What services are offered by Lalintas?
We provide road safety information for road users aimed at encouraging safe driving habits to reduce the number of traffic accident victims annually. Our campaign has a mission to raise awareness among Indonesians that road safety poses the number one health threat society.
What are the safety programs driving that carried by Lalintas?
We prioritize driving safety campaigns for the people of Indonesia, especially for the younger generation. In addition, we also provide training and consulting services related to driving safety, both for individuals and for companies.
I want to join Lalintas campaign, how do I do?
You can click on the "get involved" banner on our homepage and fill out the form listed to join our campaign.
I am interested to work with Lalintas to conduct a safety training drive, how do I do it?
You can send us a cooperation email via [email protected] with the subject of Safety Training Driving.
I am interested to consult with Traffic safety related driving, how to do?
You can email us via [email protected] with subject of Safety Consultation.
I am a writer / expert on safety driving and would like to contribute to Lalintas, can I send my writing to be loaded on the Lalintas?
You can submit your posts through the Contribution form. If your writing meets our criteria, we will post your writing on our site.
The information I need is not listed on the site, is there any contact I can contact?
You can contact us futher by email [email protected] or by contact submission form that we provide in the contact section.